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History of the Whanganui Community Foundation

The Whanganui Community Foundation began life in 1988 as the Trust Bank Wanganui Community Trust after the Government restructured the Trustee Savings Banks through the Trustee Banks Restructuring Act.  In 1994 and again in 1996, along with the other community trusts, the Trust sold its shares and thus ended any relationship with the former Trust Bank.


The proceeds of the sale of shares were invested and continue to provide the income used by the Whanganui Community Foundation to make grants, provide professional development and other activities for the community.

In 2000 the Trust changed its name to the Whanganui Community FoundationWhanganui reflects a desire to identify with the region and to be accessible to all people in the region.  Community is there because the best interests of the community must be at the centre of all we do.  Foundation is about providing the building blocks for a strong community and being solid in all we do. 

The Whanganui Community Foundation’s logo reflects our identity – both who we are, who we represent and where we are from. The waves depict our river and also the multiple sectors of the Whanganui community – and the depth of knowledge our community holds.  The koru and the shape that surrounds it, reflect growth and nurturing – it illustrates the Foundation’s role of holding the community and helping to bring us together.