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Who can apply for a Grant?

Community organisations principally in the area comprising Rangitikei, Waimarino, Wanganui, Waverley and Patea.


Donations will not generally be given to:

  • Individuals.  Individuals are excluded from the definition of charitable and by the Trust Deed.
  • Commercial organisations.  Commercial Organisations are excluded from the definition of charitable and by the Trust Deed.
  • Organisations for the purpose of being passed on to other organisations which in their own right could make an application to the Foundation
  • Organisations for prizes or sponsorships for tournaments. 
  • National organisations unless it is for a purpose specific to the region served by the Foundation and there is a mechanism for ensuring that the funding will be used within the region.  The Trust Deed specifies that the benefit must be principally to the region.  Exceptions may be made for small amounts where there will be an indirect advantage to the region.
  • Travel for competitive or recreational activity
  • Clothing for competitive or recreational activity
  • Endowments
  • Individual research projects.  Donations will be given to organisations for such projects as social research where there is a benefit either to the community or the research will help the Foundation to better target donations.  The Foundation may also choose to commission such research outside the donations area.  The Foundation will not fund research by individuals.
  • Completed projects.  The Foundation does not fund projects in retrospect nor does it consider projects intended to refinance or extinguish existing debt.